Custom Clothing

We sell a wide range of stock garments and if you want to purchase clothes and other items without any branding, we are happy to oblige.

But you can customise these by adding your own branding using embroidery, printing and applique.

We also have the ability to produce garments to your own, distinctive design from the colour of the material through to the logos and designs on them. We offer design, manufacture and warehousing capability for everything from a sports team through to a nationwide chain of stores.

Branding serves a number of important purposes.

First and foremost it is promotional. Put your name, logo and perhaps a message or by line on your items and they will be seen every time they are used or worn.

Branding helps to identify items as yours. Theft of branded items is a lot less common than unbranded ones, for obvious reasons and if they are ever left or lost, then it is easier to return them.

Then there are tax reasons. Did you know that the IRD will consider clothing supplied by an employer to be a benefit and will tax the employee? The only way around this is to ensure that work clothing forms part of a uniform that is identifiable with the employer because of logos or the pattern, colour scheme or style.

If this is done then there are no fringe benefit implications and a company can claim 100% of the expense. Better still, there will be no irate employees complaining about being taxed on their work clothes.

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