With our own embroidery machines and specialist operators, we provide top quality embroidery. We can also arrange indent or overseas production for large orders with a long lead time - the savings are unbelievable!

In general, embroidery is ideal for small runs, textured fabrics, heavy weight fabrics, some synthetic fabrics, and objects difficult to make flat for printing such as caps.

And you would be amazed what we can embroider - all types of clothing, hats, bags, etc.

But if our experienced staff think that it would be better to screen print the clothing you have selected then we will advise you of this.

The more complex a logo, the more stitches it requires and the more it costs to prepare and embroider. Upload yours when you send us an order from the website and we will be able to give you an indicative price.

The number of stitches can vary for the same logo and more stitches there are, the better the finish. We will recommend the optimum number of stitches for the best quality embroidery and we will always sample this before appluying it to the garments.

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