Screen printing is cost effective for larger designs but with a lot of setup, our minimum order is 11 units. In general, screen printing is ideal for very fine details, exact colour matches, large designs, large runs, and light weight fabrics.

Screen printing setup involves working from a vector file ending .eps, .ai or .cdr – a jpg is no good. We can create a vector file for a small charge if you cannot get one from your graphic artist.

We also need to define the colours so ask your designer what the pantone numbers are. You will receive a visual for approval.

Each colour is printed separately and film and a screen are required for each colour. This is if we are doing 11 or 1100 units so the setup costs can make small runs expensive.

The more prints you do, the cheaper the per unit cost is. The more colours in each design, the more expensive it is.

Digital printing is for runs of fewer than 11 units or when digital quality reproduction is required.

It is best suited to small designs as the printing is onto a very thin plastic that is then adhered to the garment and if large this can affect the way in which the garment functions. There is also a possibility of creasing large designs.

Digital printing will not last as long as screen printing.

We also do digital cuts, putting names and numbers onto garments. No printing is involved and so these last as well as any screen print.

SuperSub is a new process and is ideal for complex prints in the form of a badge or onto difficult to print garments, like caps. The quality is truly amazing. 

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