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New Uniform?

If you are looking for a new uniform, you can either contact us for FREE CONSULTANCY or if you see what you would like, let us know which garments, how many and what branding you require.

We will then send you a quote and if that is acceptable, we can move to the samples. This is our preferred approach because there is no point sending samples if the overall price does not meet your budget.

That said, if you are confident budget is not an issue and just want to check out a garment, then let us know. And don't be afraid to ask for advice, we are here to help.


We are pleased to send you FREE samples to both check the product and for sizing purposes.

All we need is for you to either open an account or provide credit card details.

However, it does cost us a lot to provide samples so we would ask you to choose them carefully.

And most importantly, please return them within 7 days, complete with all the paperwork you were sent and all the packaging.

If samples are not used in an order, we return them to our suppliers for a credit and we can’t do that if they are late or if they are missing any packaging or labelling. We would also be grateful if you would fold the garments and return them as you received them.

Of course, if you want to use any garments in your order then this is not necessary.

Online Ordering

You can purchase garments on the site by adding them to the cart and checking out, paying at the end by credit card or paypal. This is suitable for small orders without branding.

If you want larger volumes or to add branding, you can still select and add to the cart but choose quote as you go through the online purchase process. You can also upload logos and other designs as part of this process.

Or simply send us an email or make a call. We are always pleased to hear from you.

Material Types

The bulk of the clothing we sell is either.

  • Cotton
  • Polyester/Cotton (usually 65% polyester)
  • Polyester

Polyester is an easy care material and most of the polos we sell are 100% polyester. You can wash it at a high temperature and it dries quickly. It won't lose its shape or colour and doesn't need ironing.

For most people polyester is the most comfortable to wear. It is light and wicks moisture from the skin. Polyester polos come in different finishes, from very smooth to waffle.

Cotton A traditional material that has been largely superseded by polyester. But is is more breathable and some perople prefer it against their skin.

The downside to cotton is that it is usually heavier than polyester tops and it is prone to colour loss and going out of shape, including shrinkage. It also needs ironing, which polyester doesn't.

Poly/Cotton Best of both worlds, you get the hard wearing capabilities of cotton and the easy care and durability of polyester.

It is what most school polos are made from and we recommend it for the trades because it is less likely to pull than 100% polyester.

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