First and foremost we are a clothing and promotional goods supplier.

We have relationships with all of NZ's best wholesale suppliers so that we can bring you a huge range of top quality goods at fantastic prices. Our vast experience means that we are able to recommend the right item for each product type and circumstance.

We provide a specialised consultation service. Talk to our sales staff about your requirements and you can trust they will be able to meet your needs. It's all part of the package.

Our clothing is guaranteed - in the unlikely event of a fault, we will replace the item immediately.

At Logotech, we make it easy!

Logotech is a New Zealand wide supplier of Corporate, Workwear, Safety, Suiting and Hospitality Uniforms. The corporate services we offer are:

  • Full management of Staff Entitlement Programs.
  • Warehousing/Picking/Packing/Dispatch for your organisation's uniforms.
  • Customised stand alone ordering sites for Corporate Customers.
  • Custom Design for uniforms.
  • Full Embroidery and Screen Printing Service.
  • Indent and Ex-stock Supply.

Promotional Goods

We have a wide range of promotional items available on our website and more besides. From mass market give aways to special gifts for special clients or employees, just enquire for our FREE CONSULTANCY. We can work to your budget and tie in gifts with your marketing goals.


If you want to purchase clothes and other items without any branding, we are happy to oblige.

However, branding does serve a number of important purposes.

First and foremost it is promotional. Put your name, logo and perhaps a message or by line on your items and they will be seen every time they are used or worn.

Branding helps to identify items as yours. Theft of branded items is a lot less common than unbranded ones, for obvious reasons and if they are ever left or lost, then it is easier to return them.

Then there are tax reasons. Did you know that the IRD will consider clothing supplied by an employer to be a benefit and will tax the employee? The only way around this is to ensure that work clothing forms part of a uniform that is identifiable with the employer because of logos or the pattern, colour scheme or style.

If this is done then there are no fringe benefit implications and a company can claim 100% of the expense. Better still, there will be no irate employees complaining about being taxed on their work clothes.

Uniform Design

We can put togethor a uniform range using stock garments and unique branding, with all the advantages that stock garments offer - ready availability and cost effective.

But we can also design garments from scratch, from suiting through to sublimated polos. And we can hold stock and despatch to multi sites for you. If you have this requirement, please speak to us about your uniform ambitions and together we can make it happen.

Your Own Store Online

We here at Logotech like to make your job as simple as possible. If you give us an idea of what type of garments you would like we can send you some possible garment options for you to choose from. Once you have chosen your preferred garments we will knock off some of the cost & create a section on our website where you and anyone you specify can login and order these products.

If you send us any logos you would like to have the choice of putting on the garments we can also add this to your own store online.

Ideal for contractors, franchises, and multiple offices. Brings control & order to uniform purchasing whilst making it simpler.

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