Order Process

We know that taking responsibility for the leaver's gear is daunting so we want to make it as easy for you as possible.

Step 1 : Price

We have provided some simple options on the website but if these aren’t right for you, work with your consultant to determine your preferred garment, preferred design and likely numbers. Once we have this information, we can give you the all important garment price.

Get this ironed out before you get samples because there is no point really liking a particular garment and then finding out that it makes the price more expensive than your friends want to pay.

Step 2 : Numbers

And try to be as accurate with numbers as possible because these affect the per unit price. If pricing is based on 100 units but only 50 students purchase, Houston we have a problem!! For instance, set up costs are the same if you do 20 or 200. But if you spread that cost across 20 or 200 units, the impact on the individual hoodie price is a lot different.

If in doubt, keep the price to students a little high. It will give you breathing room should numbers drop and if not, you will have a bit left over for another student activity.

Step 3 : Samples

So, you and your fellow students like the design and price. Now ask for samples. In the first instance to check the garment, secondly to get the sizing right. Please manage this carefully because you can only have samples for so long and they all need to come back in the same good condition they were sent.

And get a teacher involved. It is a lot easier if we are dealing with a teacher who will take responsibility for the samples and final order.

Step 4 : Proofs

You will get a final proof to approve and, if there is embroidery, photos of sample embroidery will be sent to you.

If the colours are important, choose carefully. White on black – you can’t get that wrong – but if the school logo is a particular shade of blue then you will need to find out what the PMS or Pantone number for it is. This is the scale that defines printing colours. Or if you are choosing material for DYO garment, like a rugby jersey, we will supply you with swatches.

Step 5 : Payment

For schools, we require 50% payment up front and 50% on delivery but the order must come from the school. For all other organisations, we require payment 100% up front.

We also offer an online ordering facility enabling individual students or club members to place their order and pay for it online using Paypal or credit card. Talk to your consultant if you want to use this facility.

If doing so, it is important that a deadline is set for orders and that you continue to promote it to students or club mates.

Step 6 : Hints

We are experts in what we do but we rely heavily on receiving regular and accurate information from you. Right from the outset, let us have your email address and mobile number and be available for inquiries – particularly if the process involves holiday periods.

And check the details carefully – colours, design placement, name spelling etc.